Physical Graffiti is a tribute to the greatest rock band of all time:

Formed by Argentine musicians, it recreates with maximum fidelity, both musically and scenically, Led Zeppelin’s concerts for the most demanding fans.

Studio and live versions of consecrated recitals such as The Song Remains The Same or Royal Albert Hall are performed with great fidelity, leading the audience to feel the experience of witnessing a live recital in the 70s.

Within the repertoire will be able to find both the most popular songs of the band, as some of the rarities for the more connoisseurs, the mythical drum solo with hands in Moby Dick, the theremin in Whole Lotta Love, the SG double neck guitar of Page or guitar solos with a violin bow in Dazed and Confused.

In the Physical Graffiti shows, the band recreates the costumes of the original concerts, as well as their instruments, without leaving nothing to chance.

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Ph. Laura Artigues

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